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Franschhoek Wine Farms

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Franschhoek has some of the most stunning scenery in the wine world and some of the Cape’s best wines. The wineries range from very large to small family-run farms. They are very near to Akademie Street Boutique Hotel and Guest House – the most distant is about a 30 minute drive and many are only a few minutes. They can be visited several ways.

By horseback

A few, unfortunately only a few and with no choice of which ones to go to, is a disadvantage but the ride and scenery are beautiful. It is moderately expensive

By bicycle

One can hire a bike and ride. You have as much flexibility as you wish and as your muscles can carry you. Some lovely scenery and a less expensive way of doing things but check the temperatures before you go out. In summer it can get very hot. Drinking and driving laws apply but no one is going to check you unless you fall off your bike in front of a traffic officer.

By open wine bus and wine tram

You could take a tour on the open wine bus and the open wine tram, the latter runs down the old disused railway track. The tour lasts all day and departs at 40 minute intervals. The route is fixed and you visit many farms. In very hot weather or in wet weather it will not be pleasant on the open vehicles. The price is low and one does not have to worry about the drinking and driving laws and it is great fun.

By specialised wine tour or with a car and driver

Given notice we can organise either of these for you. The former is the more expensive but both options are pricey. If you opt for the latter we can guide you to the farms you might like to see. They are all very different.

By driving yourself

By far the best option but you will need one driver to only taste and not drink. One of the best things about many of the farms is their beauty so not drinking need not spoil one’s day.

A list of the wineries follows, together with the wines rated as excellent, outstanding or superlative by the authoritative John Platter’s Wine Guide.

Not all guides agree with John Platter of course but then finding what you like is the fun part of drinking wine!

If you want to find out about the visiting and tasting policy of each vineyard we give the e-mail addresses below. The below are open without an appointment.